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Goodman head office case study

A pending lease expiry and the opportunity to relocate to new premises within one of its own buildings in the VXV Precinct was the catalyst for Goodman to reassess its existing work practices and embark on a comprehensive review of its Auckland office requirements.

An office that provided an activity based work environment was identified as a key objective. It recognised that modern workplaces were changing and that the new business premises needed to offer greater flexibility, enabling a more mobile work force. 

To facilitate the change, a digital first strategy was introduced to manage paper, process and storage demands. 

Both initiatives represented significant change for the 60 FTE staff who were used to a more traditional working environment with dedicated desks and a combination of electronic and paper based storage systems.

With a strong commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, Goodman was also motivated to achieve Green Star certification. With environmental impacts and employee health and well-being at the forefront of its decision making, improving the quality of the work spaces while reducing energy and water consumption were key components of the new office’s Green Star certification. 

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