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GMT Bond Issuer Limited Annual Result Announcement

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Goodman (NZ) Limited, the Manager of Goodman Property Trust has provided the NZX with the 2020 Annual Report for Goodman Property Trust and GMT Bond Issuer Limited.

The report includes the audited financial statements of GMT Bond Issuer Limited for the year ended 31 March 2020.

During the year, GMT Bond Issuer Limited received $19.7 million of interest income and incurred $19.7 million of interest expense. The interest income and interest expense amounts are unchanged from the previous year.

Standard & Poor’s has maintained the credit rating of all Goodman+Bonds at BBB+. 

For further information please contact: 

John Dakin
Chief Executive Officer 
Goodman (NZ) Limited 
(021) 321 541 

Andy Eakin
Chief Financial Officer 
Goodman (NZ) Limited
(021) 305 316 

James Spence  
Director Investment Management  
Goodman (NZ) Limited  
(021) 538 934

Attachments provided to NZX:

  1. Goodman Property Trust and GMT Bond Issuer Limited Annual Report 2020
  2. NZX Result Announcement