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Goodman Property Trust DRP and Underwrite

Monday, 11 June 2012
Goodman Property Trust would like to remind eligible Unitholders that the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”) continues to operate and is in effect for the fourth quarter distribution to be paid on 21 June 2012.

Notification of any amendment to a Unitholder’s DRP participation is required by 5 pm on the record date of 14 June 2012. Changes should be advised directly to Computershare Investor Services Limited:

+ By phone, on their toll free number 0800 359 999 (+64 9 488 8777 outside New Zealand)

+ By mail, to Computershare Investor Services Limited, Private Bag 92119, Auckland 1142

The DRP will be fully underwritten by Craigs Investment Partners Limited, providing additional equity to fund new investment and development opportunities.

The strike price, for Unitholders participating in the DRP will include a discount of 2%, while the shortfall units, under the terms of the underwrite, will have a lesser discount of 1.5%.

The strike price for each component will be announced to NZX on 19 June 2012, following the 5 day pricing period. The pricing will be expressed in cents and rounded down to two decimal places.