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Unit Purchase Plan Implemented

Friday, 30 November 2012
Further to the announcement of 13 November 2012, Goodman (NZ) Limited is pleased to advise that the Unit Purchase Plan opens today. The UPP is an equity raising initiative that is seeking additional funding to facilitate the Trust’s investment and development activity.

The offer allows eligible Unitholders with a registered address in New Zealand, the opportunity to purchase additional Units in Goodman Property Trust without brokerage and transaction costs.

Eligible Unitholders can apply for a parcel of Units up to a maximum value of $15,000. The number of Units will be determined by the subscription price per Unit which will be the lower of:

a)  The average  end  of  day market  price of  Units during  the period 12 to 18 December 2012 (inclusive) rounded down to the nearest cent; and
b)  $1.00 per Unit (being the price per Unit issued under the recent placement, less an amount per Unit to be paid to Unitholders on or about 20 December 2012).

The subscription price (being the lower of these two amounts) will be announced to the NZX on 19 December 2012 and will also be available on the GMT website: www.goodman.com/nz

Details of the offer are being mailed to Unitholders from today. Applications need to be received prior to the close of the offer at 5pm on 31 December 2012. Units acquired under the UPP are expected to be allotted on or about 8 January 2012.

The non-renounceable offer is capped at $30 million and may be subject to scaling.

Attachments provided to NZX:
1.  Unit Purchase Plan Booklet
2.  Unit Purchase Plan Acceptance Form
3.  Accompanying Letter