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Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and managed. It influences how an organisation’s objectives are achieved, how its risks are monitored and assessed, and how its performance is optimised. 

The manager's core corporate governance policies and charters can be viewed here

Further information on corporate governance, as it relates to the Board of Directors, remuneration, policies, committees and disclosures are included in the latest annual report.

The Manager’s governance framework is materially consistent with the Corporate Governance Best Practice Code of NZX with an analysis against the NZX Code located here.

The Board works with Management to formulate and monitor the strategic direction of the Trust and monitor the Trust’s performance against set targets. The Board also has the responsibility to ensure business risks are appropriately identified and managed and statutory, financial and social responsibilities of the Manager are complied with. A copy of the Board’s approved mandate can be found here.

Other governing documents available online, include: