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A sustainable business model that delivers long term value growth while minimising its impact on the environment is an aspirational objective for most companies. It recognises that resources are scarce and need to be used efficiently. It also acknowledges that business and community are interconnected. As a leading New Zealand corporate entity, GMT has responsibility to a broad range of stakeholders.

Corporate responsibility

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy can be distilled in four programme areas: 

  • Sustainable Development
    We work collaboratively with our customers and consultants on new projects, incorporating the latest technology and design features to improve the environmental performance of our property portfolio. View Goodman’s award-winning energy reduction project here.
  • Asset Management
    We are committed to improving the operating performance of all our buildings, managing and investing in our assets to improve efficiency, long-term competitiveness and resilience.
  • Corporate Performance
    As a leading NZX investment entity we measure our impact, critically assessing our performance and engaging with key stakeholders.
  • People and Community
    Inspiring and challenging our people, and supporting various community based groups through the Goodman Foundation.

Find out more at sustainability at Goodman New Zealand here.

Goodman energy initiative wins award 

A commitment to environmental sustainability was the catalyst for a large-scale project to improve the energy performance of Goodman’s office portfolio in the VXV Precinct, the commercial area between the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarters of Auckland City. The seven buildings provide more than 88,000 sqm of high-quality office space and accommodate a workforce of around 7,000 people.

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